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Dear Patients ,

How are you?

You know I care so much about you , that is why I am taking out time to write you this note.

As we all know, the World Cup is around the corner - I feel it is necessary we are all prepared for some changes that will occur during the events, I have thought long and hard before coming to the following conclusions:

1.COMPLAINTSMake your complaints brief and to the point. I am really not interested in your family and social history.

2. LENGTH OF SICKNESS .If you have been sick for over 5 days and are just coming for the first time, another 2 hour wait for the TV highlights to end will not kill you.

3. PATIENTS ON THE WARD.You are advised to keep arms that have IV lines ABSOLUTELY still during the period of any match I am watching, as any tissued lines will not be reset.

4. PREGNANT WOMEN.I have a soft spot for you.

If you know your Expected Date of Delivery falls on a day my country has an important match, kindly come to me now for some quick tips on self d…


"DEAR PARENTS FORGIVE ME IF I HAVE OFFENDED YOU."I knew there was something wrong, the moment I saw her.

The way she gazed at me made me very uncomfortable, I shifted in my seat.

But she wasn't looking at me - she was looking through me. She never blinked all the time I looked at her, the tears streamed down her eyes from the pressure of keeping her eyes open without blinking. Her neck remained at an awkward angle as she continued to look at / through me.

She was in her mid 20's and she had lost her mind.

It had started gradually, she forgot little things - she forgot where she kept things in the office and at home, she forgot how to operate her Laptop.

She had told her mother about this and was subsequently taken to the hospital. After some tests were done, they saw nothing wrong with her .

Now, she was no longer talking, all she could do was continue to stare and pull at her hair.

I enquired about the usual predisposing factors for a mental breakdown for a girl …


Guest Post by Dr. Busuyi.

EDITORS NOTE: Due to a certain state government's recent "ban" on commercial motorcycles popularly call "okada" I felt I should once again bring up this post for you to air your views.

"I don't want to die!"

"I don't want to die, please help me!" "Please save my life!" He pleaded passionately.

He was brought by good Samaritans in the early hours of a calm day.

Looking at him he looked moribund. His life seeping away.

He was a young man in his early 20s; unkempt and in a lot of pain; dirty, with a foul stench emanating from his body.
Oh that smell!

He was also penniless.

He was in a pool of his own blood with multiple deep lacerations on the chest and the abdomen.

There was nothing left to the imagination,he was a living study in human anatomy - his stomach and intestines
were out of his body,
clearly exposed for all to see.

He was a local commercial motorcyclist who, as is common to many of them, was riding at break-nec…


Read Article 1 here.
HE DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE. (Stories that touch the Heart.)That day Dr B woke up, nothing could have prepared him for the series of events that would lead to his untimely death.

Dr B was a privileged child of his parents who are both Doctors, they had ensured he had a world class medical education.

Dr B would probably still be alive if he had not met the patient that day. But he did.

Just when all seemed to be going well - it happened - a physician's nightmare - Dr B pricked himself with the needle he was using on the patient.

The patient was HIV Positive.

Dr B panicked.

He informed his parents(who are Doctors).

His parents panicked.

Dr B was eventually given some Anti-Retroviral drugs, possibly to prevent any effect or progress of the HIV virus.

Dr B reacted to the Anti-Retroviral drugs and was rushed to the hospital.

Dr B died a few days later from complications of the reaction to the drugs.

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Thinking of starting that career in medicine?  Here are a few tips that may help guide you:1. KNOW WHY YOU ARE THERE.Do you love being a doctor and caring for the sick? Or were you just the best Science student who naturally drifted towards medicine? Or was it your parent's decision? This is fundamental in determining your attitude to the course.2. SIX YEARS IS NOT A LONG TIME.Take it from me, six years goes by in the twinkling (or two ) of an eye.3. IT IS NOT HOW FAR, BUT HOW WELL.You don't have to be perfect and know everything, but what you do know, know it well.4. DON'T PROCRASTINATE.Don't wait till tests and exams are coming up before you prepare for them. Read in convenient little bits after each day's lecture rather than a fire brigade approach when exams are near.5. DON'T DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF SLEEP.Except absolutely necessary. Even when necessary, sleep. Your brain will reward you with excellent recall, but you should have been following tip 4.6. USE M…


The patient was slowly slipping away. . .

I had battled relentlessly to save his life; I was obviously losing the battle. I couldn't even secure an IV line for him; his veins, though visible had collapsed. Time was ticking away, I was helpless.

The patient was HIV positive and in a very bad state; I was conscious of the risks to myself continuosly trying to secure an IV line in him.

A doctor, seeing my helpless situation, came to my side and said. "Do be careful, hope you heard about the Doctor who died after being pricked with a needle used on an HIV positive patient?"

Now that's what I call encouragement.

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