Tuesday, September 25, 2012


-So you mean to tell me you've never done an operation using a torch light before?

- So you're telling me you've never sutured a wound without anaesthesia before?

- So you mean to tell me you can fly a sick patient in a helicopter from one hospital to another?

- So you're saying your government pays for your hospital stay?

- So you're telling me your ambulance drivers don't just put on their sirens because they have a lunch date and there's actually a patient inside?

-So you mean to tell me each patient has an ECG monitor and ultrasound scan to themselves?

- So you mean to say you don't see more than 10 patients a day?

-So you're trying to tell me your politicians get treated in your local hospitals?



You're telling me one can actually eat off your clean hospital floors?

- So you're saying you can transport someone's beating heart in a box?

- So you mean to tell me your patients don't have to share oxygen?

- So you mean to tell me your President moves around with his personal blood bank?

- So you're telling me your Doctors monthly income can pay my annual income?

- So you're saying your medical students get loans and not village contributions?

- So you mean to tell me your Doctors don't migrate to foreign countries after graduation?

- So you're saying 911 actually works?

- So you mean to tell me you've never seen a bush rat in your hospital?

- So you want me to believe you've never admitted a patient on a bench?

- So you are telling me you isolate patients with malaria? Get ready to isolate a whole country.

- So you're saying this man Gates has sent us billions of dollars for the above? Where is it?

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