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My friend and fellow blogger Michael Walker, over at Defying Procrastination shared a story about his friend Kristin with me which I think I should share:

In August 2013, Kristin found a lump in her left breast. Since then her cancer has been upgraded to Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (1.9cm tumor + 1.1 cm satellite tumor) with HER2neu+ (Grade 3).... an aggressive form of Cancer that has invaded her lymph nodes. Kristin has a wonderful husband Wesley and two children Logan (13) and Skye (7), so her whole family is feeling the invasion of this horrible disease. This year will be quite a journey for her and she is feeling terribly scared but hopeful.

In her honor, Michael has relaunched his ebook, "Her Special Day Shoes," as a dedication to Kristin. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to assist Kristin with her personal battle with breast cancer and to a National Breast Cancer Foundation account in her name - forever. Michael has added a few extra stories to th…


It started as a simple reply to a tweet: "If you could be a teenager again would you be?"
And my reply?: "Yes, if I would be handed my degree at 21 without reading."
I went further to say this:" Wouldn't go through med school again even if I was given a million dollars." This sparked some reactions, my friend @StNaija replied he would go through medical school again twice! if he was given a million dollars. He went further to ask this important question:

"People,Do you know what N165 M (165 million naira or 1 million dollars)can do?
This got me thinking and I decided to do some research; from straight I got this:
1. 1 million dollars in $100 bills is 10,000 bills, a bill is 0.010922 cm in thickness. That would be 109.2cm.That would be a stack of bills about 3 and a half feet high.

2. $1m is about 696,500 Euros, if they gave that to you in 500 Euro notes, it would be 1393 notes, when stacked, it wo…


So, where were we?
Ah! Yes, I remember.

So, now you have been adequately debriefed, a few further things to note about processes:

What did you say? You call to make appointments with your doctor? For real? Hahaha, but seriously, why would you do that when you can easily stroll into our public hospitals and get an appointment. Yes, I said stroll. You would get the appointment immediately - to see the doctor in six months to one year's time. Why are you surprised? Don't you know that the ratio of Doctors to patients in Nigeria is about 1 doctor to 3500 patients

Your records are very safe with us, you have nothing to fear. Why do you look sceptical?Alright come with me and take a look - come into this room - what's that in your hair, cobwebs? sorry about that. Look at that tower of files over there with papers sticking out and falling off, those are the files. Where are the computers? That is one over there, but please be careful not to close the re…


Welcome dear foreigner, I do hope you had a nice flight, I believe you were courteously treated by our immigration officials at the airport, and your pocket is in the same state it was when you left the shores of your country.

I hear you would like to see a doctor in one of our distinguished and world class hospitals? No problem, here are some things you should know - sorry, before doing that, I need to debrief you and clean your brain from some of the things you are used to:

1. THE HOSPITAL IS A SERENE ENVIRONMENTYou remember that atmosphere of tranquillity and feeling of peace you get when you visit your hospitals? Well, scratch that and think of a market scene - Oh come off it! I said market not mall; you still don't know what a market scene is like? Alright, google "Idumota market". You've done that? Great! What's that look I see on your face?

2.THE HOSPITAL IS VERY CLEAN.By clean you mean spotless floors you can eat from? Beds that are well maintained? Clean …


(A doctor's point of view)

This is actually the second time I would be talking about Nollywood, read the first humorous article here

The other night, my attention was drawn to a Nollywood (Nigerian) or is it Ghollywood (Ghanaian)film featuring Jackie Apiah and Majid-Michel, a very touching story with a great story line, let me recount the story:

An artist (Majid) was in love with a woman (Jackie) who he had been having dreams about that she was going to die very soon; Jackie in real life had an enlarged heart and had about 72 hours to live except she had a heart transplant.

In one of Majid's dreams, Jackie had to be rushed to the hospital near dead; the doctor performed CPR (cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)on her, but all to no avail and Jackie died( this was in the dream).

Majid was in an inconsolable state because he was sure Jackie would soon die - his mother tried all her best to get him out of this mood but she was helpless.

Due to her love for her son, the mother wrote a suicide note, took a blade and…

When Spouse Beaters lie to Doctors

In the course of a couple of weeks I have come across two cases of spouse beating; one not too severe, the other fatal. And no, I'm not talking about Oscar Pistorius, the olympic athlete.

The first case was a mild drama - A distraught man brought his wife in, saying she had slumped. He was obviously very shaken as he didn't have time to wear his shoes; he bounded up and down the hospital corridor in an anxious frenzy.

His story: she was feeding their kid and just slumped and became unconscious - just like that. No medical issues nothing.
I looked at her again, there was something wrong about the whole picture before me and something prompted me to ask whether they'd been having issues, he replied in the negative.

Like the... erm... *coughs*... wise doctor I am, I asked the husband to get some things for his wife.

After he left, I turned to the wife. It took a few moments before what I expected to happen happened. Even when it did, I felt a little chill but I kept my com…


I call it the immortality complex.

That daring inside most of us in the face of common sense that says though it happens to others it can't happen to me.

Sometimes, it is not that we want to be daredevils, sometimes, it is just a feeling of helplessness or frustration that brings out that "immortality complex".

Examples include a diabetic with a very high blood sugar saying "I'm okay, I feel great, nothing can happen to me if I take this highly sugary drink" - then it happens.
Or a person with a very high blood pressure that refuses to take any drugs because he feels "just fine" - until it happens.

Or in this instance between Ronald and Stanley(not real names):

Ronald is a known asthmatic, he goes visiting Stanley and they share some alcohol together. But Ronald is not satisfied - he brings out his cigarette, " I have to take a puff" he says to Stanley.

Stanley pleads with Ronald not to smoke, at least they'd had some alcohol, tha…


What better way to come back from a long writing hiatus than with a controversial post. I have a little story.

Once upon a time:

A female doctor would walk into the hospital looking all fresh, a faint waft of her perfume filling the hospital corridor with a heavenly fragrance. Her make up, classy but not flamboyant. Her hair neatly packed in place, not a strand astray. Her white coat flawless and glimmering like it was washed in Cinderella world; her shoes going "koi koi" as she walked along the hospital corridor with every one gazing at her in admiration - she had a smile for them too - that was then.

The picture I see now:
A harried mother of two rushes into the hospital, her shopping bag in one hand, her stethoscope in another; her hair - flying in all directions of the compass, her white coat - Did I say white? No, I meant her cream coat, hanging loosely on her body. Don't bother to look at her shoes because she just grabbed whatever was closest to her feet whi…


It was a day for lumps.

The first patient was a 50 year old woman, she'd had a swelling close to her armpit for about two years and didn't bother about it because, as she checked, it wasn't in the "breast", so there was nothing to worry about.

Until she started having pains and weakness on the right side of her body - then she came to the hospital (two years after seeing the lump).

I examined her.

I could understand why she thought the lump was not in her breast, it was in the upper outer and lateral border of her chest ( breast) - it was a breast lump, and from what I felt, it was likely to be a malignant tumor .

"I think it's a tumor," she said. I didn't know how to reply, my initial silence betrayed me.

Patient two was a younger lady who heard/ knew about a person with a breast lump, so she set out to look for her own lump - and she found it , nestled in the mid upper portion of her right breast. Hers was just about 7 days old, it wasn&…