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It was a day for lumps.

The first patient was a 50 year old woman, she'd had a swelling close to her armpit for about two years and didn't bother about it because, as she checked, it wasn't in the "breast", so there was nothing to worry about.

Until she started having pains and weakness on the right side of her body - then she came to the hospital (two years after seeing the lump).

I examined her.

I could understand why she thought the lump was not in her breast, it was in the upper outer and lateral border of her chest ( breast) - it was a breast lump, and from what I felt, it was likely to be a malignant tumor .

"I think it's a tumor," she said. I didn't know how to reply, my initial silence betrayed me.

Patient two was a younger lady who heard/ knew about a person with a breast lump, so she set out to look for her own lump - and she found it , nestled in the mid upper portion of her right breast. Hers was just about 7 days old, it wasn&…