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No, this is not a gender biased article (as you can see from the above picture:)), just talking from a recent experience I had.

Was called by one of the biggest churches in the city to volunteer for a women's health programme, which involved checking the participant's BMI (Body Mass Index) and by extension their body fat and visceral fat.

A quick understanding of the above terms is crucial:

Body Mass Index (BMI) seeks to measure whether you are the ideal weight considering your height. It also relates to age. So a high body mass index means you are either overweight, obese or morbidly obese; on the other spectrum is being underweight. BMI can be easily measured by dividing the person's weight in kg by the square of her height in meters.

Body fat as the name implies, measures your body fat.

Visceral fat measures the fat around your organs.

So the risks of the above are obvious: hypertension, diabetes, artherosclerosis, cancer, depression etc.

My findings: About 60 percent …


Yes we've all heard about hypertension, diabetes and cancer, but there are some conditions one can write a bestseller about(and some have done just that). How many of the following have you heard about?

1. CHARLES BONNET SYNDROME:Imagine, like happened to me one day, you meet a person, the person starts talking to you as if he's known you all his life, he is pleasant and goes on and on about one thing or the other, some related to the present, some totally unrelated, but they all make logical sense. He even shows you a chair to sit in and his eyes remain trained at you as if checking you out. Well, there is nothing amazing in that on its own; but what if after you left the person, you were told he was completely blind! He was just having visual hallucinations.

Charles Bonnet syndrome occurs in people who have lost their sight and they see things that are not really there and it is real to them.

2. FOLIE A DEUX (COMMUNICATED INSANITY):I once met a lady who felt so strongly that…