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You can't place the symptoms, all you know is it started shortly after the electoral body declared the parties were free to start election campaigning.

Funny thing is you don't belong to any political party, so why are you being affected this way? After all, when the elections are over, either way they go, you return to your own dreary existence, none the better, none the worse.

But the symptoms won't go away...

It is everywhere you turn.

You go to work. 'Who are you voting for?' Your colleague asks you before you seat down . You are not ready for this - there is only one way this could end - loud voices and arguments - you smile and deftly change the topic to the only topic that can drown this one - salary alert!

The newspapers have finally arrived, a good reprieve from having to talk about elections.

You open a newspaper and there it is, right on the front page, an advert with the smiling face waving at you... You close your eyes, not again. You skip and turn t…