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They say real super heroes do not wear costumes. Rather, they are the everyday people that do astonishing things despite great odds against them.

Going to the cinema that day I had mixed feelings; I really wanted to know what happened behind the scenes during the Ebola outbreak in 2014, but again I didn’t want to relive the fear I had as an ill equipped doctor during that period.

I finally decided to buy the ticket and waited for the movie to start. The emptiness of the cinema at that time made me wonder if it was the right choice as we were only 10 people ( among which were 2 kids ) at the start of the movie.

This changed as the movie progressed but I was too wrapped up in the unfolding scenes.

93 days is a story about everyday people who became Super heroes, not because they wanted to but because they had to. There was no other choice.

The story opens with an aerial view of the Lagos Lagoon and quickly moves to the marina with the narrator saying “this is my city Lagos…over 21milli…


"I hear the government is deploying all resources to tackle Lassa fever."

"Really? Just like Ebola?"

"Exactly, just like Ebola."

"But that time banks and schools were checking people's temperatures and providing taps to wash hands, I don't see that now."

"That is because Ebola and lassa, though both viral haemorrhagic fevers have different modes of transmission, here there's a different vector - rats."

"Rats? But I still see rats everywhere."

"Didn't you listen to the Minister of Health the other day?"

"I didn't know we have a Minister of Health."

"The government is doing a lot to eradicate them from the environment."

"Really? But I was in a government hospital the other day and I saw large rats running around."

"Don't worry, the rats have been technically defeated, they no longer have the capacity to mount conventional attacks on the populace."