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Do Over The Counter Drugs Work For 'Manhood' Problems?

In Nigeria, when you have a health problem, you don't need to think too much about what to do, you can just walk into any pharmacy or chemist with or without a prescription and get a remedy. Whether or not the 'remedy' gotten is appropriate for your condition is another matter entirely.

One common agony for a lot of Nigerian men is getting drugs for erectile dysfunction, they want something immediately, now, there's no time to wait for annoying doctor tests. But do these easily obtained drugs work?

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Staphylococcus. The Dreaded Name Nigerians Fear.

Take a trip to any major motor park or market and find a corner to sit and observe the sights and sounds around you. Listen especially for the mobile herbal drug sellers.

I was at a popular motor spare part market in Lagos some time ago and listened as a local herbal drug seller bombarded the airwaves advertising his wares. I naturally wouldn't have paid any attention but as he was using a really 'loud' loud speaker I had no choice but to listen. My ears pricked as what he was saying slowly filtered into my brain.

Maybe I wouldn't have had any problem with him if he was saying his drug was a general cure for all diseases (as they always claim), but he picked a specific name and practically libeled it blaming it for possibly every disease and condition under the sun from backache to STDs to erectile dysfunction. With gusto he kept shouting and blaming Staphylococcus. I was livid, surely staphylococcus couldn't be blamed for all these myriad conditions.

I watched a …

HEALTH NEWS: Is It Safe To Take Expired Medicine?

You've kept a pack of paracetamol very well, but fortunately, you've never had cause to use it. It is now midnight and you are woken from sleep with a nagging headache; you reach for the pack of paracetamol, but something tells you to look at the expiry date. No! It expired a month ago! Luckily, the pack is still in the same state as when you bought it. What do you do?

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It took Madam Comfort and Madam Jennifer (Not real names) about 5 years and 1 year respectively to get to a hospital.

You would think that they would have arrived the hospital earlier but like all things in Nigeria, nothing is as easy as it seems.

The fact that Madam Comfort's abdomen looked as if three grown men were hiding inside or that her legs looked like two Iroko trees standing side by side having a conversation wasn't enough to wake up any sense of urgency. Madam Jennifer's case was not so bad, her abdomen, though enlarged just made her look pregnant, for an elderly lady in her 70s I guess this wasn't anything to seriously worry about.

A doctor confronted with such cases might not know where to start after getting over the initial shock and bewilderment, I mean, don't these people have eyes? How can you sit at home and ignore such glaring symptoms?

There is also another quandary the doctor faces, do you take such cases as emergencies? For surely they can…